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About Us : APNA in the Press

APNA Energy receives proclamation from Houston Mayor Parker and Council Member Hoang

ABOUT US APNA Energy Holdings LLC dba APNA Energy

APNA Energy, established in 2006, is a privately owned, successful retail electric provider.We offer service to all deregulated areas across the State of Texas. With corporate offices in Southwest Houston, our portfolio consists of small, medium and large commercial facilities located throughout the deregulated areas of Texas. We also service Residential customers across Texas. Our Board of Directors consists of individuals who own companies within the industrial, software-hardware distribution and wholesale-Retail industry.

HISTORY and Summary of Deregulation in Texas

The State of Texas is the largest consumer of electricity in the United States and the eleventh highest in the world. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Market manages the flow of over 23 million Texas customers, represents 85 percent of the State’s electric load, and covers 75 percent of the Texas land area. Additionally, the State of Texas has the fastest growing economy and the highest level of in-State migration in the United States. In 2002 the ERCOT Market became deregulated. Deregulation allows companies to compete for business in an open electric market. Customers purchase electric service from a Retail Electric Provider (REP), and that REP purchases power from a generator. Regardless of specific REP or Generator, the power is still transferred via power lines. These power lines are owned and managed by the Transmission Distribution Utilities (TDU). There are currently five major TDU’s in Texas:

  1. Center Point and TNMP servicing Houston and the surrounding areas
  2. ONCOR servicing the greater Dallas area
  3. AEP North, AEP Central and SharyLand Utilities servicing North and Central Texas.

Over this past year, we have grown by 100%. At APNA Energy we believe in critical mass, but maintaining a healthy book of business. It is our innovative approach that has allowed our company to maintain a less than 1% bad debt record.

SERVICE you receive with APNA Energy

Building solid, long lasting business relationships one customer at a time is the focus of the APNA Energy® Team. Our commitment is to supply our customers with reliable and dependable energy at a competitive rate. Better service at a better price. We secure energy supply at the best market price and negotiate premium terms and conditions in order to pass on savings benefits to our partners, our Valued Customers. In addition to our producer, we have an advanced back office system and streamlined operations that allow us to address unique and individual needs. At APNA Energy we understand that time is of the essence and thus offer same day move-ins and out-of-cycle switches. Understanding the complex energy market, and simply making it easier for our customers, is the strength behind our management team. These critically combined points contribute to a beyond excellent customer experience along with the type of dependability and reliability customers can count on. APNA Energy focuses on personalized service, which is characterized most by our assignment of an account manager that understands the nature of your business and its specific needs. Each account manager has the task to do the following:

  1. Provide a courtesy phone call and/or email with the account manager’s contact information
  2. Confirm Service address, billing address and contract rate are correct
  3. Confirm all meters have been switched or moved-in on the requested date
  4. Confirm the initial bill is correct and coincides with the specific contract profile

REAL-TIME rates and pricing means savings for our customers

At APNA Energy we provide customized pricing solutions tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Our approach differs from our competitors - - we provide specialized pricing by having a team price your company’s load at real-time market prices. Each meter in the State of Texas has a specific profile, which determines what category the meter should be priced by. Once the price has been reviewed and accepted by the customer, we immediately purchase or hedge the entire profile of the contract…whether that be twelve, twenty-four or thirty-six months. Our customer’s rates will not change because all energy has been pre-purchased.

KEY Accomplishments and APNA Energy Community Investments

Due to APNA’s solid customer service, low electricity rate, and community involvement, APNA was awarded a prestigious Proclamation by the Mayor of Houston. The Proclamation designated April 10th as ‘APNA Energy Day’. We take great pride in our positive reputation among our customers and our ‘A’ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Seeking to become more involved in our community, we launched the ‘APNA Energy Community Outreach Program’ in January 2011. This program was created with an awareness of the unique struggles of non-profits and Texas Communities to balance the budget. The program combines the power of cost savings with community development tools to make a positive impact…Using Power to Make a Difference.

Current program participants include:

  1. City of Magnolia
  2. City of Uvalde
  3. New Hope Housing, of Houston

Future program participant targets and currently in specific stage of partnership with:

  1. Houston SPCA
  2. Classical Theatre Company, of Houston
  3. New Hope Housing, of Houston


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