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In order to ensure you the very best long term service and value, APNA Energy LLC has consolidated it’s business with Everything Energy LLC as of March 2014.

Like APNA Energy, Everything Energy is a certified Retail Electric Provider (REP) in Texas with great customer service and competitive electricity plans and prices. The same quality support and customer service that you have come to expect from APNA Energy will continue with Everything Energy.

Once the transfer is completed, Everything Energy will begin providing your electric service. You will have a new account with Everything Energy, but they will provide your electric service under the same product term length and rate plan that you had with APNA Energy. While your plan name will change, your current terms of service will remain the same during this transition. Because there are no changes to your electric service plan as a result of this transfer, all of your current contract documents – Your Rights as a Customer (YRAAC), Terms of Service, and Electricity Facts Label (EFL) – are still valid. This transfer will not interrupt your service.


Sit back and enjoy your upgraded service!

You will receive a final bill from APNA Energy for your electric service through the date of the transfer. You will receive your first bill from Everything Energy shortly thereafter for service beginning after the transfer has completed. We at APNA Energy will be available to answer your questions and collect and process final bill payments.

A Few Changes to Keep in Mind:

  • Your account number: which you will receive on your first invoice from Everything Energy
  • Your current plan name
  • Customer service phone numbers
  • Mailing and email addresses Customer online portal.

It’s a smooth, easy and hassle free transition. 

If you have any questions regarding your APNA Energy account, please feel free to use the contact form below.  For any Everything Energy questions, please click on the box below.  It has always been a pleasure to serve you!


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